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fan_the_vote's Journal

Fan the Vote
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Welcome to fan_the_vote. Although our fundraising drive, and the election (*sniff*) are over, this community is still alive and currently deciding what to do next. Until that happens, prior rules are in effect. This is not a discussion group. Please do not pimp communities or events, post action alerts, post icons, throw out queries to the group at large, etc. Sorry! There are other places for that.

The way this comm works (unless and until we change it) is described below. In excruciating detail. Although the campaign is over, people are welcome to use the same system to raise money for other things, as stated in a prior mod post.

Everything else, except mod-initiated discussion of the future of the comm, is OT, and will be deleted.

Completed stories and art that were created for pledges belong in the sister comm, voteworks.

And whatever else you do in this comm, no yelling, and no running with scissors. Thanks!

Welcome to FAN THE VOTE
…the Fannish Fundraiser for the Kerry Campaign and MoveOn.org.

It's like a bake sale, only wackier.

What can you volunteer? Why, any old thing! Fic, art, web work, web space, essays, in-depth feedback, beta services, cool icons, signed copy of your fic or art, anything! You don't even have to be good at it!

You can volunteer to do as many things as you want, and you can sponsor as many other fen as you want.

This fundraiser is designed to let you participate in as many ways as possible. The idea here is, the more the merrier, and the more money the better. There are lots of different ways to contribute, and to sponsor. Please bear in mind, however, that all individual contributions to the Kerry campaign must be made before the Democratic Convention is held in late July.

You do not need to join the community to post here, but the mods will delete any post that is hostile to the goals of the comm.

Suggestions for volunteers:

*You can offer to do something--write a drabble, make an icon-- for everyone who sponsors you.

*You can offer to do a specific task for everyone who pledges over a certain amount. This may be best, for example, for well known fan artists, who might offer to draw an illustration for anyone's fic if that author pledges at least (x) dollars.

*You can auction off a single big item to the highest bidder. This would also work with unique items, such as original art or signed copies of fic.

*You can even commit to a long range goal (e.g. finish or add to a WIP) based on total donations from a variety of people. Say you have a Famous Fic underway that everyone teases you about: if you could get $500 in pledges, could you finish your magnum opus by August 30? The pledges would only be due if you met your goal, but nothing would stop people from donating anyway.

*Advertise your offering in your LJ to find sponsors.

*All fandoms welcome!

*And when you've completed the work you have agreed to donate, show it off! You can archive it at this special website or post it to the voteworks community, or both. You can link artworks or photos of objects or longer fics, too.

Suggestions for sponsors:

*Sponsor lots of different people for small amounts.

*Bid high on One Big Thing

PLEASE NOTE: THE KERRY CAMPAIGN CANNOT, BY LAW, SPEND MONEY RAISED FROM INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTIONS AFTER THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION, WHICH WILL BE HELD FROM JULY 26-29. THIS MEANS THAT THEY NEED YOUR MONEY ASAP SO THEY CAN SPEND IT BY THE CONVENTION. MoveOn, which is a PAC (Political Action Committee) can continue to take contributions, as can the Democratic National Committee. The maximum aggregate contribution by an individual to a political candidate is $2000. Only US citizens and permanent residents can contribute to the Kerry campaign; there are some restrictions on contributions from minors also. For more information, check with the FEC (Federal Elections Commission).

Because of the Kerry campaign's deadline, the deadline for round one will be

How to do it

To volunteer:
Make a post in this comm, and in your LJ, about what you're offering. Keep track of your pledge totals. Whoever raises the most money in any given round will be praised and possibly rewarded.

To sponsor:
1. Leave a comment under the relevant post.
2. When the person does the thing you've sponsored them for, send in your money. Both organizations accept checks and credit cards only. To give money to the Kerry campaign, go here; it will keep track of our total automatically.
3. When you send money in to MoveOn, please notify fan_the_vote so we can keep track of how much we've raised.

Sponsors, please note: if you don't want the amount you are pledging to be public, just leave your name and intent to sponsor in the comments, and email the person you are sponsoring with the amount. Let me know when you actually send money to MoveOn (by emailing me at idlerat at yahoo.com). If you use the links here at the comm, donations to Kerry will be counted automatically.
4. If you want something that hasn't been volunteered yet, make a post requesting it!


Many thanks to lolaraincoat for the comm name! It's a play on MTV's "Rock the Vote", something they've run for years to encourage youth participation in US electoral politics. Not, unfortunately, to any particular political ends.
This is a short poem made up entirely of actual quotations from George W. Bush. These have been arranged, only for aesthetic purposes, by Washington Post writer, Richard Thompson. A wonderful poem is too good not to share.


I think we all agree, the past is over.
This is still a dangerous world.
It's a world of madmen and uncertainty
And potential mental losses.

Rarely is the question asked
Is our children learning?
Will the highways of the Internet
Become more few?

How many hands have I shaked?
They misunderestimate me.
I am a pitbull on the pantleg of opportunity.

I know that the human being
And the fish can coexist.
Families is where our nation finds hope,
Where our wings take dream.

Put food on your family!
Knock down the tollbooth!
Vulcanize society!
Make the pie higher!
Make the pie higher!

A request: Please put your LJ name and a descriptive heading in the title to your posts here. I literally want you to type in your LJ name. A big help in keeping the "memories" in order.

Use the memories to see what's available, and what's wanted.